Meet Our Team

Chelsea Milauskas

EDU Consultant, Learning Coach (K-4th)

Chelsea knew from a young age that she wanted to be a teacher. For the last ten years she has provided data-based instruction for primary students in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Washington states. She has her Master’s degree from Concordia University in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Literacy Coaching. She completed her National Board certification in 2017. 

Chelsea has worked closely with parents in the traditional public school setting, as well as in an alternative learning model to support student learning both at school and at home. She has a deeply relational approach with students, families, and teachers. She believes that all students can and will succeed when provided with the unique supports they require. 


June Swanson

EDU Consultant, High School Preparation Specialist

June started the River HomeLink High School Program in the Battle Ground School District over 23 years ago. June was a recipient of a Teachers-That Make-a-Difference award in the District. She has recently retired from serving as a teacher/advisor/Clark County Cascadia Technical Academy liaison. Her specialty is working in an advisory capacity with families to meet graduation requirements, using study skills and thematic approaches to learning, scheduling classes and courses with Running Start and Skills Centers, and matching home and school learning environments so that a student is enjoying learning, successful, and applying practical life skills.

June worked in various administrative positions in the academic field while earning a Business Education degree from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB Canada.  She later obtained a professional certification designation for the State of Washington from Seattle Pacific University.

Kaitlyn Burge

Learning Coach (K-4th)

Kaitlyn Burge has a passion for teaching and helping students become successful learners. She graduated from Washington State University of Vancouver with her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education in 2018. She decided to continue her education and work part-time as a substitute teacher. Kaitlyn graduated from Concordia University with her Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction with an Endorsement in Reading Intervention in 2020. Over the past three years, Kaitlyn has been working as a substitute teacher for four different school districts. She has also been working as a tutor to help students grow academically. She really enjoys working with the elementary grades.

Kaitlyn has been married for six years to her husband Josh and they have a baby girl who will be turning one in October 2021. They also have a girl husky named Kenai. Kaitlyn loves to be creative. She has experience designing and implementing her own lesson plans and materials into lessons to reach her students who have different learning styles. She is passionate about teaching because she wants her students to feel cared for, supported, encouraged, and successful.


Kent Graham

EDU Consultant, Learning Coach Team Leader/Trainer

Kent Graham has so much experience. He was a partner in a successful business in California, he is a 23 year US Air Force veteran, and has 20 years experience in alternative and online education in Washington State. He has a BS in Human Development, an MEd, earned his National Board of teaching certificate in Social Studies, and is Google Certified. He has been a lead teacher and department chair for his district’s online program. He is currently available for district leadership planning and visioning consultation, process streamlining, and student advising for Strike EDU school.

Melia Fisher

Learning Coach (K-9th)

Melia brings over 20 years of classroom experience ranging from k-12 alternative education, online learning support, traditional public high school, and 10 years of private tutoring experience. She home-schooled her three children, k-12 grade, in cooperation with a parent partnered alternative education program and helped to establish a 501c3 parent group for the program. In addition to a BA of Mathematics, Melia has a broad range of experience in teaching/tutoring in multiple subject areas in elementary through high school. She was a core player in the launch of her district’s online learning program in 2014.

Melia helped her children unlock the joy of learning and overcome obstacles in learning, like anxiety, dyslexia and ADHD. She has worked with students of all ages who have felt defeated by traditional learning expectations, and helped them find success. She also pursued a degree in Mathematics Education through Western Governors University, an online school. Her experiences as a student, parent, and teacher have helped her develop a strong teaching philosophy:

Every student can succeed with the right tools and support.

Relationships are the key to unlocking student learning potential.

Each student and their needs are unique.

Rachel Warndahl

Administrative Assistant

Rachel herself is a product of alternative learning. After a K-12 education at River HomeLink, she is currently in the Business Administration program studying Accounting at Washington State University.

Rachel has seen first hand the value of alternative educational routes and her goal is to invest in the kind of programs that greatly invested in her.  


Meet Our Founders, Jay & Shahla!

Jay K. Hockensmith

President, Founder, Director of Operations

Meet Jay. He comes with over 35 years of business ownership and management experience.

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Shahla T. Lodhie

Vice President, Co-Founder, Director of Enrollment

Meet Shahla. She has been working with technology since 1988 and has a passion for helping people.

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