What We Do

Reduce cost per student while retaining or adding programs

Recoup or maintain enrollment in public and private schools

Recommend programs with fully remote or part time class participation

Demonstrate personalized options that are tailored specific to public and private schools

Strengthen teacher, parent, guardian and family relationships, making remote learning easier

Lower or limit classroom sizes while meeting or exceeding state requirements

How We Do It

Our team of professionals work with private schools and school districts, administrators and teachers in order to transition your school to include options which typically outperforms state and district averages on statewide assessments and graduation rates. Your school can quickly develop new learning pathways with various combinations of classroom learning, at-home learning, online learning, and staff/student/parent advising. 

Schedule Your Time Now

Strike EDU assists your school through:

  • Individualized consulting services
  • Instructional training modules and tutorials
  • Group video conferencing and consulting with remote support and facilitation
  • Onsite or remote consulting, coaching and training
  • Facilitating group workshops and PD sessions
  • Ongoing training and follow-up sessions
  • Providing and/or coordinating parent and family resources.
  • Introduction to an efficient, paperless, automated, cost saving, audit friendly system using Google tools, through Strike Streamlining.
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