Strike EDU Consulting

Strike Services offers solutions for schools and families through Strike EDU. 

Strike EDU is here to provide solutions. We use a comprehensive approach with proven, successful educational models, through our team of experienced educational consultants. The end goal is for your private or public school to be able to operate within your budget, while serving children and families in a way that is more personalized, flexible and effective. This will make a significant positive impact on the overall success of students and families within your school or school district, as your students continue to meet or exceed state standards.

Schools have been experiencing, and will continue to

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face budget cuts and lack of funding for adequate teaching staff to keep class sizes lower, sufficient office and support staff to keep things running smoothly, and varied class and program offerings. The lack of funding also affects the availability of technology, equipment and supplies, school meal programs, student health, and the ability to effectively address parent involvement and the various social-emotional needs of families and students.

Schools are facing the need to operate student schedules differently. With social distancing, the number of students allowed in the classroom is reduced. Students need to engage in learning at home during part of the time they would have been in a classroom. Some students are experiencing a completely remote learning experience due to state or district requirements, parent choice or health conditions. 

Our experienced team of professionals will work closely with your leaders and administrators to determine viable solutions for navigating various approaches to learning that meet today’s specific needs of your school. Consulting may include how to set up classrooms for distance learning, coaching for parent teacher relationships, hybrid learning models, remote learning models, and online learning models. Look for our Professional Development offerings coming soon through your local ESD.

Strike EDU trains your staff to create time within teachers’ schedules so that they can be equipped to teach part-time in a classroom with measurable results. Parents will be more at ease as we equip your staff with tools and support, enabling parents to do their part at home, while working alongside your teachers as co-teachers. 

Utilizing our new-to-you learning methods will result in cost savings for your district. Teachers will be much better equipped to serve students and families. Students will have a positive learning experience, whether they are learning remotely, in the classroom, or a combination of both.

Strike EDU School – Now Open for Enrollment!

Strike EDU School is your solution for grades K-9

  • Full time learning, supported by your Learning Coach.

    • Elementary age students will require extensive assistance from a parent or guardian.

    • High School 10th-12th grades will be included in the 22-23 school year.

  • Your Child: We work with you to create a learning plan for your child.

  • Your Choice: We recognize that your family values are important to you.

Strike EDU School’s Learning Coaches are here to guide your specific learning journey. Parents can trust us to support them in a way that works best for them and their family’s schedule, either in person, online or a combination of both.  

Students will have the highest quality, extremely positive and robust learning experience specifically designed for them, whether they are learning at home or a place of their choice.


To learn more about Strike EDU School and how it can serve your family, click here.